Frankie D’Agostino

  • Episode: 10

Frankie D’Agostino is a 25-year-old entrepreneur, firefighter as well as a fitness and nutrition specialist. He is truly wise beyond his years and does not believe in the word “IMPOSSIBLE”. Frankie and I went to school together and I have seen him become an entrepreneur who is driven to make a positive impact in this world. He is the true definition of this phrase “think globally and act locally.” He is locally making a difference in his community as a gym owner and a firefighter while impacting the world by sharing his thoughts, and ideas on social media. Deeply rooted in the morals and values his parents instilled in him, Frank is laser focused on “Transforming” his life and lives of others.


  1. What made him start Transform Fitness at the age of 23
  2. Importance of taking risks
  3. 3 things to look for in your potential business partner
  4. Different marketing techniques his team used to get the word out
  5. What does it take to be an entrepreneur
  6. Frankie talks about his morning routine
  7. Why he hates the word “DIET” and what changes should people make in order to live a healthy life
  8. Hardest part about starting a business and how he overcame it
  9. Why it is important to be friends with your clients and build a community
  10. Frankie talks about his definition of courage


[3: 00]  How he started his fitness journey

[4:00]   Frankie talks about his dad and how his dad inspired him to be an entrepreneur

[5:28]   Fitness industry in 2017

[9:50]   Why is it important for him to pay it forward

[15:35]  Importance of taking risks in order to succeed

[17:40] Why the biggest risk for him was not taking the risk

[18:45] What was the hardest part for him when starting his business

[20:50] Can a business succeed without heavy presence on social media

[22:48] How to succeed in marketing and advertising

[25:40] Why is it important to build a culture and community

[26:20] Importance of being friends with your clients

[30:30] What is being an entrepreneur all about

[31:38] Would he be successful without his partners?

[33:45] What should people look for when they are looking for a business partner

[35:08] What drives him

[39:48] Advice to an entrepreneur who wants to quit their job and start a business

[48:55] How is he so consistent and persistent with his diet

[53:40] How should people start their day

[55:15] Frankie talks about his morning routine

[57:05] What does he mean by “thinking outside the dominos pizza box”

[01:03] His definition of hell

[1:03:35] Where does his confidence come from

Books Recommended by Frankie:

Do the Kind Thing: Daniel Lubetzky

Delivering Happiness: Tony Hsieh

Podcasts Recommended by Frankie:

MFCEO Project by Andy Frisella

#askgaryvee by Gary Vaynerchuk

Connect With Frankie:

Instagram: Frank_dag

Facebook: Frankie D’Agostino

Email: transformFrank@gmail.com

Website: teamtransformfitness.com

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Frankie D’Agostino

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