EP 46 Binod Chaudhary: How Nepal’s Only Billionaire Made It Big

Binod Chaudhary | Limitless Grit
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Mr. Binod Chaudhary is a Nepalese businessman, industrialist, philanthropist, and politician serving in the Nepali Congress. He is the current chairman of Chaudhary Group (CG), a conglomerate that consists of nearly 80 companies. Mr. Chaudhary is also the first Nepali billionaire, as listed by Forbes.
Besides business, Mr. Chaudhary has been involved in several other government and social sectors. His CG Foundation works for the social welfare and he often contributes in the areas of art, music, and literature as well.

Show Notes:

5:30: How was he able to make it big in business against all odds

6:00: What made him want to explore businesses in other countries in 1990’S

7:30: How is he able to turn his oppressions into an opportunity

11:11: Mr. Chaudhary talks about his journey of why he started Wai Wai noodle company  against all odds

13:30: How was Wai Wai  able to be the best noodle company for four decades in Nepal

17:05: Mr. Chaudhary talks about how he handles difficult situations

17:45: what does he do when he wants to give up

18:30: How has his artistic side helped him to be a better businessman

20:50: Mr. Chaudhary talks about meeting with his guru for the first time

22:12: what does he do to strengthen his spiritual journey on a daily basis

24:00 Mr. Chaudhary talks about guru calling

25:55: What advice would he give to Nepali’s living abroad

30:40: Why is he involved in politics

32:40: What does he look for when he is hiring someone for his companies

35:10: Mr. Chaudhary talks about being a born entrepreneur?

39:15: Why is it  important to surround yourself with the right people

42:15: Why does it take much more work to stay on the top

43:05: Why is it important for him to give back and be involved when he doesn’t have to

45:05: What should one look for in a life partner

47:30: His  definition of courage

His Biography: Making It Big
Connect with Mr. Binod Chaudhary:
Twitter: @BinodKChaudhary
website: blog.binodchaudhary.com

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EP 46 Binod Chaudhary: How Nepal’s Only Billionaire Made It Big

by Shristi Gajurel Time to read: 7 min