EP 43 Jeremy Courtney: Love first and ask question later

  • Episode: 43

Jeremyy Courtney is co-founder and executive director of the Preemptive Love Coalition (PLC), an international development organization based in Iraq that provides lifesaving heart surgeries to Iraqi children and trains local doctors and nurses. Jeremy resides in Iraq with his wife and two children.


01:40: How did Jeremy and his family end up in Iraq from the United States

3:00: He talks about his experience of helping the war widows in Iraq

4:45: How long did it take him and his wife to convince themselves to move to Iraq during a war

5:40: Did he always believe in the concept of love first and ask question later

10: 00 what was some of the hardest times in Iraq and what kept him going?

12:30: what does it mean to lean forward with love

13:55: is there a reason why so many children in Iraq were born with a birth defect?

18:25: How was it convincing families in Iraq to send their kids from Turkey to Israel for the heart surgery

20:00: how was working on the front line in Iraq after ISIS took over 

22:15: did he ever feel like leaving when Isis was rising in Iraq?

24:55: how can one cultivate faith?

27:45: where can people contribute to his organization

29:14: His definition of courage

Jeremy’s book:
Preemptive Love: Pursuing Peace One Heart at a Time

Connect with Jeremy:
Website: preemptivelove.org
Instagram: @preemptivelove
Facebook: @preemptivelove

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EP 43 Jeremy Courtney: Love first and ask question later

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